Thursday, August 19, 2010

Medication Reminder

My mum is a doctor in her 70s. She had stroke a year before. She lost her confidence. She always worrys that she might forget to take her medication. She kept asking me if she took her pills or not. I decided to write an application to help my mum. I'm pretty sure it will be useful for a lot of other people too. My friend carl had big operation. He used android calendar to help him to remeber taking his medication. But sometimes the alarm goes off two hours late than the shceduled time. He told me that he wish somebody could write an application to help him to remember taking his medication. I started designing and writing code for the medication reminder application. I spent many many weekends and nights woking on this applcation. I am so glad that it works. I upload onto android market last night. I am so happy to see there are 117 download in less than 12 hours. I hope all the people enjoys using it and get well soon.

Here is the details of "Medication Reminder". You can download from Android market.

Medication reminder helps you get organized. The schedule and built-in alarm won’t let you miss medications. You can view or email your medication taken records to your doctors and nurses. The service and data are all on your phone. We don't keep any of your infromation.

** NO ADS ** Donations are much appreciated.


  1. Hello.

    I'm testing this, to follow up all the medications for my daughter.... One of her medicines should be taken 6 times a day, but when I come to the next screen with the times, it only displays 3 (+ 3 with food). Is it some thing I have misunderstood, how can I set the time for all 6 times?

  2. Hi,Epicurean

    Sorry about that! You could use all the six box. Just add the other three medications and times in the "with food" textboxes.
    Note: the time is in 24 hours format. So 1 PM is 1300

    My mum takes her mediaction three times a day. I thought that the max times to take medciation. I will update it as soon as possible.

    Feel free to let me know any questions!
    Hope you daughter get well very soon!

  3. Hi WS.

    I tried to also use the "with food" lines, but those get blanked out when I save..... Possible because I can't seem to enable the "with food" option. The app force closed when I tried "with food", and have 5 or more in "times per day".

    I'm located in Norway, so the 24 hour format is a must have ;)

    My daughter needs different medications for up to 6 times a day (for a period some of them was not in sync, so in reality she did medication almost every hour), and some of the medications is only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Is it possible to look at a solutions for this kind of medications to? If not, pleas put it on the wish-list ;)

  4. Hi,Epicurean

    Sorry that I didn't explain well in the previous reply. I will work on your requests.

    Here is some explaination about the medication reminder:

    All the best

  5. Greetings,

    I really like this app. But for me, I NEED to be able to set the alarm to a "vibrate alarm". I work in the TV industry and have ruined a few "takes" already. Will gladly donate to this app, but don't think I can keep it if it's going to cost me my job.


  6. Sorry about that Bret! I will add silent feature for you. I could email the apk file to you